Books/chapters in edited monographs

  1. C. Vamoş, M. Crăciun, Numerical Detrending, Editura Risoprint, Cluj Napoca, 2011, ISBN 978-973-53-0538-3.
  2. M.-C. Anisiu, Z. Kasa, Complexity of words, Ch. 26 in Algorithms of Informatics, vol. 3, ed. by A. Iványi, AnTonCom, Budapest, 2011, 1277-1314 (electronic version only)

Papers published in ISI journals having Impact Factors > 0.2:

  1. F. A. Radu, N. Suciu, J. Hoffmann, A. Vogel, O. Kolditz, C-H. Park, and S. Attinger, Accuracy of numerical simulations of contaminant transport in heterogeneous aquifers: a comparative study, Adv. Water Resour., 34, 47–61, 2011. Impact Factor (IF) 2011: 2.449.
  2. I. Păvăloiu, E. Cătinaş, Bilateral approximations for some Aitken–Steffensen–Hermite type methods of order three, Applied Mathematics and Computation 217 (2011) 5838–5846. ISSN: 0096-3003, IF 2011: 1.317.
  3. V.A Ilea, D. Otrocol, Integro-differential equation with two times modifications, Carpathian Journal of Math., 27 (2011), no. 2, 209-216, IF 2011: 0.906.

Published online 2011:

  1. C. Mustǎţa, On the Extensions Preserving the Shape of a semi-Hölder Function, Results in Mathematics, DOI: 10.1007/s 00025-011-0206-x, publ. online sept. 2011, IF 2011: 0.445.

Papers published in ISI journals having Impact Factors <= 0.2:

  1. V.V. Morariu, C. Vamoş, Ş.M. Şoltuz, A. Pop, L. Buimaga-Iarinca, O. Zainea, Autoregressive modeling of biological phenomena, Biophysical Reviews and Letters 5(3), pp. 109-128, 2010, IF 2011: 0.

Papers published in journals edited by the Romanian Academy

Papers published in other journals.

  1. N. Suciu, C. Vamoş, H. Vereecken, P. Knabner, Global random walk simulations for sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of passive transport models, Annals of the Academy of Romanian Scientists, Series on Mathematics and its Applications, vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 218-234, 2011.
  2. F. Pătrulescu, Steffensen type methods for approximating solutions of differential equations, Studia Univ. Babeş-Bolyai Math. 56, no. 2 (2011), 505-513.

Papers presented at an international conference and published in an ISI journal

  1. N. Suciu, F. A. Radu, A. Prechtel, F. Brunner, and P. Knabner, Coupled finite element – global random walk approach to advection-dominated transport in porous media with random hydraulic conductivity, Fifth International Conference on Advanced COmputational Methods in ENgineering, Liege, Belgium, 14-17 November 2011; published online: J. Comput. Appl. Math., doi:10.1016/, Impact factor 1.112

Papers presented at an international conference and published (including electronically) in a volume edited by a consecrated publishing house from abroad

Chapters published in a book or monograph edited by a reputed publishing house abroad.