Approximation theorems for Kantorovich type Lupaş-Stancu operators based on \(q\)-integers

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Sevilay Kirci Serenbay
Özge Dalmanoğlu


In this paper, we introduce a Kantorovich generalization of q-Stancu-Lupa¸s operators and investigate their approximation properties. The rate of convergence of these operators are obtained by means of modulus of continuity, functions of Lipschitz class and Peetre's K-functional. We also investigate the convergence of the operators in the statistical sense and give a numerical example in order to estimate the error in the approximation.

Lupas-Kantorovich operators, modulus of continuity, Peetre's K-functional, q-integers, rate of convergence, statistical approximation

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Serenbay, S., & Dalmanoğlu, Özge. (2017). Approximation theorems for Kantorovich type Lupaş-Stancu operators based on \(q\)-integers. J. Numer. Anal. Approx. Theory, 46(1), 78-92. Retrieved from


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