Generalization of Jensen's and Jensen-Steffensen's inequalities and their converses by Lidstone's polynomial and majorization theorem

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Ana Vukelic Gorana Aras-Gazic Josip Pecaric


In this paper, using majorization theorems and Lidstone's interpolating polynomials we obtain results concerning Jensen's and Jensen-Steffensen's inequalities and their converses in both the integral and the discrete case. We give bounds for identities related to these inequalities by using Chebyshev functionals. We also give Grüss type inequalities and Ostrowsky type inequalities for these functionals. Also we use these generalizations to construct a linear functionals and we present mean value theorems and n-exponential convexity which leads to exponential convexity and then log-convexity for these functionals. We give some families of functions which enable us to construct a large families of functions that are exponentially convex and also give Stolarsky type means with their monotonicity.

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