On convergence of Chlodovsky type Durrmeyer polynomials in variation seminorm

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Harun Karsli
Fatma Tasdelen


This paper deals with the variation detracting property and rate of approximation of the Chlodovsky type Durrmeyer polynomials in the space of functions of bounded variation with respect to the variation seminorm.

convergence in variation seminorm, Chlodovsky polynomials, Durrmeyer polynomials, rate of convergence, absolutely continuous functions

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ÖKSÜZER YILIK, Özlem, Karsli, H., & Tasdelen, F. (2018). On convergence of Chlodovsky type Durrmeyer polynomials in variation seminorm. J. Numer. Anal. Approx. Theory, 47(1), 72-86. Retrieved from https://ictp.acad.ro/jnaat/journal/article/view/1126


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