Nonuniform low-pass filters on non Archimedean local fields


  • Owais Ahmad National Institute of Technology Srinagar
  • Abid H. Wani University of Kashmir
  • Dr. Abid Ayub Hazari University of Kashmir
  • Prof Neyaz Sheikh National Institute of Technology Srinagar


Low pass filter, nonuniform multiresolution analysis, Fourier transform, local field, wavelet analysis


In real life application all signals are not obtained from uniform shifts; so there is a natural question regarding analysis and decompositions of this types of signals by a stable mathematical tool.

Gabardo and Nashed (J. Funct. Anal. 158:209-241, 1998) filled this gap by the concept of nonuniform multiresolution analysis. In this setting, the associated translation set \(\Lambda =\left\{ 0,r/N\right\}+2\,\mathbb Z\) is no longer a discrete subgroup of \(\mathbb R\) but a spectrum associated with a certain one-dimensional spectral pair and the associated dilation is an even positive integer related to the given spectral pair.

The main aim of this article is to provide the characterization of nonuniform low-pass filters on non-Archimedean local fields.


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