Extension of primal-dual interior point method based on a kernel function for linear fractional problem


  • Mousaab Bouafia University of 8 May 1945 Guelma, Algeria & LMAH, FR-CNRS-3335, Le Havre, France https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8899-4630
  • Adnan Yassine Normandie University, UNIHAVRE, LMAH, FR-CNRS-3335, Le Havre, France




linear optimization, recurrent sequence, kernel function, interior point methods, complexity bound
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Our aim in this work is to extend the primal-dual interior point method based on a kernel function for linear fractional problem. We apply the techniques of kernel function-based interior point methods to solve a standard linear fractional program. By relying on the method of Charnes and Cooper [3], we transform the standard linear fractional problem into a linear program. This transformation will allow us to define the associated linear program and solve it efficiently using an appropriate kernel function. To show the efficiency of our approach, we apply our algorithm on the standard linear fractional programming found in numerical tests in the paper of A. Bennani et al. [4], we introduce the linear programming associated with this problem. We give three interior point conditions on this example, which depend on the dimension of the problem. We give the optimal solution for each linear program and each linear fractional program. We also obtain, using the new algorithm, the optimal solutions for the previous two problems. Moreover, some numerical results are illustrated to show the effectiveness of the method.


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