On the approximation of functions by means of the operators of binomial type of Tiberiu Popoviciu


  • Dimitrie D. Stancu Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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In 1931, Tiberiu Popoviciu has initiated a procedure for the construction of sequences of linear positive operators of approximation. By using the theory of polynomials of binomial type \((p_m)\) he has associated to a function \(f\in C[0,1]\) a linear operator defined by the formula
\left( T_m f\right) (x) = \tfrac{1}{p_m(1)} \textstyle\sum\limits _{k=0} ^m \tbinom{m}{k}
p_k (x) p_{m-k} (1-x) f\big(\tfrac{k}{m}\big).
Examples of such operators were considered in several subsequent papers.

In this paper we present a convergence theorem corresponding to the sequence \(\left( T_mf\right)\) and we also present a more general sequence of operators of approximation \(S_{m,r,s}\), where \(r\) and \(s\) are nonnegative integers such that \(2sr\leq m\).

We give an integral expression for the remainders, as well as a representation by using divided differences of second order.


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