Durrmeyer-Stancu type operators


  • Ovidiu T. Pop National College "Mihai Eminescu", Satu Mare
  • Dan Bărbosu North University of Baia Mare


linear positive operators, Durrmeyer operators, first order modulus of smoothness, Shisha-Mond theorem


Considering two given real parameters \(\alpha, \beta\) satisfying the conditions \(0\leq\alpha\leq\beta\), D. D. Stancu [7] constructed and studied the linear positive operators \(P^{(\alpha,\beta)}_m:C([0,1])\to C([0,1])\), defined for any \(f\in C([0,1])\) and any positive integer \(m\) by (1). In this paper we are dealing with the Durrmeyer form of Stancu's operators. Some approximation properties of these Durrmeyer-Stancu operators are established. As a particular case, we retrieve approximation properties for the classical Durrmeyer operators [5].


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