Weighted quadrature formulas for semi-infinite range integrals

Keywords: Gaussian quadrature rules, nodes, Christoffel numbers, non-exponentially decreasing integrands.


Weighted quadrature formulas on the half line \((a,+\infty)\), \(a>0\), for non-exponentially decreasing integrands are developed. Such \(n\)-point quadrature rules are exact for all functions of the form \(x\mapsto x^{-2}P(x^{-1})\), where \(P\) is an arbitrary algebraic polynomial of degree at most \(2n-1\). In particular, quadrature formulas with respect to the weight function \(x\mapsto w(x)=x^\beta\log^m x\) (\(0\le \beta<1\), \(m\in \mathbb{N}_0\)) are considered and several numerical examples are included.


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