Using wavelets for Szász-type operators



compactly supported wavelets, Szász type operators, second-order Lipschitz continuity, inverse theorems, K-functional
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Szász-Mirakjan operators extend the classical Bernstein operators and are useful tools for approximating continuous functions on the infinite interval \([0, \infty)\).
These operators have integral variations of Kantorovich and Durrmeyer types in order to approximate \(L_p\) functions with \(1 \leq p <\infty\), but the integral operators cannot be used to characterize the second-order Lipschitz continuity of continuous functions.
In this paper we introduce a class of Szász type operators by means of Daubechies' compactly supported wavelets. These new operators can be used to characterize the second-order Lipschitz continuity of continuous functions and to approximate \(L_p\) functions.

We also provide direct and inverse theorems of these operators for these purposes.


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