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MINGJUN CHEN, ZHONGYING CHEN, GUANRONG CHEN, Approximate Solutions of Operator Equations, Series in Approximations and Decompositions, vol. 9, World Scientific, Singapore-London-Hong Kong, 1997, xiii + 344 pp., ISBN 981-02-3064-8. Reviewed by S. Cobzas and I. Pavaloiu.

Progress in Systems and Control Theory, edited by I. CSISZAR and Gy. MICHALETZKY, vol. 23, Birkhauser, Boston-Basel-Berlin, 1997, 354 pp. Reviewed by C. Vamos.

ENNS RICHARD, GEORGE McGUIRE, Nonlinear Physics with Maple for Scientists and Engineers, Birkhauser, 1997, 390 pp., hardbound, ISBN 0-8176-3638-5. Reviewed by C. Blaga.

ENNS RICHARD, GEORGE McGUIRE, A Laboratory Manual for Nonlinear Physics with Maple for Scientists and Engineers, Birkhauser, 1997, 136 pp., Softcover, ISBN 0-8176-3841-5. Reviewed by C. Blaga.

J.M. AYERBE, T. DOMINGUEZ BENAVIDES, G. LOPEZ ACEDO, Measures of Noncompactness in Metric Fixed Point Theory, Operator Theory. Advances and Applications, vol. 99, Birkhauser, Basel-Boston-Berlin, 1997, vii + 212 pp., ISBN 3-7643-5794-0. Reviewed by I. A. Rus.

WALTER GAUTSCHI, Numerical Analysis. An Introduction, Birkhauser, Basel-Berlin-Boston, 1997, hardbound, 506 pp., ISBN 3-7643-3895-4. Reviewed by C. Blaga.

Topics in Interpolation Theory, edited by H. DYM, B. FRITZSCHE, V. KATSNELSON, B. KIRSTEIN, Operator Theory Advances and Applications vol. 95, Birkhauser, Boston-Basel-Berlin, 1997, 494 pp., ISBN 3-7643-5723-1. Reviewed by S.Cobzas.

JEAN-MICHEL MULLER, Elementary Functions. Algorithms and Implementation, Birkhauser, Boston-Basel-Berlin, 1997. Reviewed by R. Trambitas.


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