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Yousef Saad, Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems, second ed., SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 2003, ISBN 0-89871-534-2 (pbk), XVII+528 pp. Reviewed by E. Catinas.

Robert Mattheij and Jaap Molenaar, Ordinary  Differential  Equations  in  Theory  and Practice, SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 2002, ISBN 0-89871-531-8 (pbk), XVII+405 pp. Reviewed by E. Catinas.

Jane K. Cullum and Ralph A. Willoughby, Lanczos  Algorithms  for  Large  Symmetric  Eigenvalue  Computations, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2002, ISBN 0-89871-523-7 (v.  1:  pbk), XX+273 pp. Reviewed by E. Catinas.

Gilbert W. Stewart, Matrix Algorithms, vol. II: Eigensystems, SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 2001, ISBN 0-89871-414-1, XIX+469 pp. Reviewed by E. Catinas.

Carl Timothy Kelley, Solving Nonlinear Equations with Newton’s Method, SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 2003, ISBN 0-89871-546-6, XIII+104 pp. Reviewed by E. Catinas.

Arnold R. Krommer, Christoph W. Ueberhuber, Computational Integration, SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 1998, ISBN 0-89871-374-9, XIX+445 pp. Reviewed by E. Catinas.

Manfred Reimer, Multivariate Polynomial Approximation, International Series of Numerical Mathematics,  Vol.  144,  Birkhauser Verlag,  Basel-Boston-Berlin,  2003,  358 pp.,  ISBN 3-7643-1638-1. Reviewed by O. Agratini.

Modern Developments in Multivariate Approximation, 5th International Conference, Witten-Bommerholz (Germany), September 2002, Werner Haussmann, Kurt Jetter, Manfred Reimer, Joachim Sockler–Editors, International Series of Numerical Mathematics, Vol.145, Birkhauser Verlag, Basel-Boston-Berlin, 2003, 319 pp., ISBN 3-7643-2195-4. Reviewed by S. Cobzas.

Bhimsen K. Shivamoggi, Perturbations  Methods  for  Differential Equations, Birkhauser Verlag, Basel-Boston-Berlin, 2003, XIV+354 pp., ISBN: 3-7643-4189-0 and 0-8176-4189-0. Reviewed by Gh. Micula.

Andrey V. Savkinand, Robin J. Evans, Hybrid Dynamical Systems (Controller and sensor switching  problems),  Birkhauser Verlag,  Boston-Basel-Berlin,  2002,  153 pp.,  ISBN 0-8176-4224-2. Reviewed by S. Andras.

D. Kopachevsky, S.G. Krein, Operator  Approach  to  Linear  Problems  of  Hydrodynamics, in Operator  Theory  Advances  and  Applications, vol.  128, Birkhauser Verlag, 2001, 384 pp., ISBN 3-7643-5406-2. Reviewed by M. Kohr.

Yoshio Sone, Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics, Birkhauser, Boston-Basel-Berlin, 2002, 353 pp., ISBN 3-7643-4284-6. Reviewed by M. Kohr.

W.S. Slaughter, The  Linearized  Theory  of  Elasticity,  Birkhauser  Boston-Basel-Berlin, 2002, 543 pp., ISBN 0-8176-4117-3. Reviewed by M. Kohr.

Ronald Meester, A Natural Introduction to Probability Theory, Birkhauser Verlag, Basel-Boston-Berlin, 2003, XI+191 pp., ISBN 3-7643-2188-1. Reviewed by H. Lisei.

Vasile Berinde, Iterative approximation of fixed points, Efemeride, Baia Mare, 2002, ISBN 973-85243-6-9, XII+284 pp. Reviewed by I. Pavaloiu.

Lokenath Debnath, Wavelet Transforms and Their Applications, Birkhauser, Boston-Basel-Berlin, 2002, ISBN 0-8176-4204-8. Reviewed by O. Agratini.

Advances in Gabor Analysis, Hans G. Feichtingerand, Thomas Strohmer–Eds., Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis, Birkhauser Verlag, Boston-Basel-Berlin 2003, XVIII +356 pp., ISBN 0-8176-4239-0 and 3-7643-4239-0. Reviewed by S. Cobzas.


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