Characterization of ε-nearest points in space with asymmetric seminorm


In this note we are concerned with the characterization of the elements of \(\varepsilon\)-best approximation (\varepsilon\)-nearest points) in a subspace \(Y\) of space \(X\) with asymmetric seminorm. For this we use functionals in the asymmetric dual \(X^{b}\) defined and studied in some recent papers [1], [3], [5].


Costica Mustata
“Tiberiu Popovicu” Institute of Numerical Analysis, Romanian Academy,  Romania


Asymmetric seminormed spaces; ε-nearest points; characterization.

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C. Mustăţa, Characterization of ε-nearest points in space with asymmetric seminorm, Rev. Anal. Numer. Theor. Approx. 33 (2004) no. 2, 203-208.


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Revue d’Analyse Numer.Theor. Approx.

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Publishing House of the Romanian Academy

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