This is (approx) ver. 3.8.7 of the website, of August 5, 2020.


  • completing the information regarding the books published since 1990 at ICTP.

Recent versions:

  • ver. 3.86 (2020) editing the books published at ICTP since 1990 as posts (to be finalized)
  • ver. 3.85 (2019-2020) editing the publications of M. Nechita, I. Boros, C.D. Alecsa, F. Patrulescu, D. Otrocol, O. Agratini as posts (to be finalized by uploading the pdf files).
  • ver. 3.8 (2019) editing the publications of  N. SuciuC.I. GheorghiuC. VamosM. Craciun as posts (to be finalized by uploading the pdf files).
  • ver. 3.7 (2018) editing the publications of  I. Pavaloiu and E. Catinas as posts (to be finalized by uploading the pdf files).
  • ver. 3.6 (2017) retyping in LaTeX of the relevant papers of I. Pavaloiu, with the inclusion of the LaTeX-pdf files in the posts, from the period 1964-1993. See, e.g. the latex-pdf file in the post from 1993, and notice that all the references are hyper-linked.

Past versions:

  • ver. 3.0 (2015): version set up by I. Boros and M. Nechita, using WordPress.
    M. Nechita and I. Boros had also set up the OJS system for our journal, J. Numer. Anal. Approx. Theory
  • ver. 2.0 (2004): version set up by C. Vamos, using DreamWeaver; with this version
    – each member of the Institute had his own website;
    – the annual reports were posted on the website.
  • ver. 1.0 (2001): J. Numer. Anal. Approx. Theory (formerly Rev. Anal. Numer. Approx. Theory) is posted on the web, and a summary of the Institute.
    We believe our Institute is one of the first institutes of the Romanian Academy having a website.

Further developments in near future:

  • editing the publications of the current members of the Institute as posts, which to be sorted by author, year, domain, etc.
  • improving/setting up some personal websites (B. Azzola, B. Bossanyi, A. Prodan, V. Costea, D. Cigmaian, M. Mircu)
  • completion of the posting of the LaTeX-pdf files of the papers of I. Pavaloiu in his posts.
  • completion of setting up profiles for all the current members: Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Orcid, ResearcherID, Scopus.