Some relevant results obtained in the main fields of research at ICTP:

Outstanding results have been obtained by the founder of the Institute, Tiberiu Popoviciu

The works published by the ICTP researchers, organized by categories/subcategories

The papers and the books published by the ICTP researchers are contained by the website as posts. They include the works published by the ICTP members while not working for ICTP – marked as not-at-ictp.

Each post contains categories, subcategories, subsubcategories, as well as the year tag.

Below we list all the (sub)categories, so one may find all the posts contained. (work in progress)

  • Approximation Theory
    • linear positive approximation operators
      • operators of discrete type
      • integral operators
    • uniform approximation
    • best approximation
    • interpolation
    • Wavelets
    • approximation of univariate functions
    • approximation of multivariate functions
    • Umbral calculus
      • Appell sequences
      • Basic (binomial) sequences 
      • Sheffer sequences
    • Moduli of continuity/smoothness
    • Remainder estimation

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