At present, the Institute members attend the Institute Seminar, organized weekly.

The weekly themes will be posted soon.

After its foundation, the Institute organized 9 seminars held weekly (according to an original document from 1970, available soon):

  • Seminar on Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Analysis, lead by acad. Tiberiu Popoviciu
  • Seminar on Best Approximation and Mathematical Programming, lead by prof. Elena Popoviciu (honorary member of ICTP)
  • Seminar on Probabilities and Information Theory, lead by cerc. pr. dr. Stefan Berţi
  • Seminar on Mathematical Problems in Cybernetics, lead by assoc. prof. Cornel Tarţea (honorary member of ICTP)
  • Seminar on Operations Research, lead by cerc. pr. dr. Iosif Kecskés
  • Seminar on Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations, lead by lect. dr. Oleg Aramă (honorary member of ICTP) and cerc. pr. dr. Dumitru Ripianu
  • Seminar on Numerical Integration of Differential Equations, lead by acad. Dumitru V. Ionescu (honorary member of ICTP)
  • Seminar on Singular Homology of Varieties, lead by acad. Gheorghe Călugăreanu (honorary member of ICTP)
  • Seminar on Technology of Integrated Circuits, lead by ing. Bruno Azzola (Section Chief at ICTP).