The journal Mathematica was founded in 1929 by prof. Petre Sergescu at the University of Cluj (the later “Babeş-Bolyai” University), being edited until 1948 under the auspices of the Mathematical Seminar of the University. The Editors-in-Chief were the famous Romanian mathematicians G. Ţiţeica and D. Pompeiu, while P. Sergescu was the secretary of the Editorial Board.

The journal publication was interrupted between 1948-1958.

In 1959, Tiberiu Popoviciu reactivated the journal, being its Editor-in-Chief until 1975. The journal was edited at and published under the auspices of the Romanian Society of Mathematical Sciences (SSMR), T. Popoviciu being the president of the Cluj branch.

In 1975, in “a momentary lapse of reason”, the communist president N. Ceaușescu dissolved all the three mathematical institutes of the Romanian Academy (at Bucharest, Iaşi and Cluj-Napoca). The reasons were obviously subjective (his daughter, Zoe, was working at the Institute of Mathematics from Bucharest), and were not connected to the outstanding activity and results obtained by the institutes.

Moreover, out of three mathematical journals edited at Cluj-Napoca under the auspices of the Romanian Academy (the two journals mentioned above, plus Mathematica) the communist regime allowed only one. Curiously enough, the request of the mathematicians that the journals Rev. Anal. Numér. Théorie Approximation and Mathematica to merge into a single one, with merged titles (but different subtitles, and with unchanged number of issues per year), was approved (sic!). In this way, Mathematica was continued by Mathematica – Revue d’analyse numérique et de théorie de l’approximation. Mathematica. These tragic events caused the death of T. Popoviciu (as well as of acad. Miron Nicolescu, in Bucharest).

In 1976, acad. Caius Iacob is appointed as the Editor-in-Chief, and since then the journal is coordinated at the “Babeş-Bolyai” University and published under the auspices of the Romanian Academy (by the Publishing House of the Romanian Academy).

Starting from 1991, the journal took back its name.

Between 1993-2016, the Editor-in-Chief was acad. Petru T. Mocanu, while at present, it is acad. C. Nastasescu.

At present, the journal publishes one volume per year, consisting of 2 issues, with an average number of pages of 200.

It is reviewed by Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt für Mathematik, and indexed in Scopus.

Details on the Editorial Board, subscriptions, instructions to the authors and the contents of the volumes since 1995 can be found on the journal website.

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