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R. Precup, Monotonicity properties of the best approximation operators, Babeş-Bolyai Univ., Faculty of Math., Research Sem. 7 (1986), Itinerant Seminar on Functional Equations, Approximation and Convexity (Cluj-1986),


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[1] Browder, F.E.,  Problemes Non-lineaires, Presse de lțUniv. de Montreal, 15, 1965.
[2] Precup, R.,  O generalizare a noțiunii de monotonie în sensul lui Minty-Browder, Sem. itin. ec. funct. approxc. convex., Cluj-Napoca, 54-64 (1978).
[3] Precup, R., Proprietăți de alură și unele aplicații ale lor. (Dissertation), Cluj-Napoca, 1985.
[4] Precup, R.,  A K-montone best approximation operator which is not monotone and nor (o)-monotone (to appear).

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