Numerical simulation of rain-runoff process within the Zalău drainage, at the Sărmăşag gauging point


We use the rainfall-runoff model of Nielsen and Hansen in order to study the daily rates of flow at the hydrologic gauging point Sărmăşag on the Zalău river.

The Romanian national hydrographic data acquisition system enabled us to optimize the thirteen parameters of the model using an objective function.

Thus we have correctly predicted the flowing regime at this point for a period of five consecutive years.


L. Ilie
C.I. Gheorghiu
Tiberiu Popoviciu Institute of Numerical Analysis

Original title (in Romanian)

Simularea numerică a procesului ploaie-debit în bazinul hidrografic Zalău, staţia Sărmăşag


rainfall-runoff model; optimal parameters; hydrographic basin Zalau; Sărmăşag gauging point; rate of flow; forecasting;


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L. Ilie, C.I. Gheorghiu, Numerical simulation of rain-runoff process within the Zalău drainage, at the Sărmăşag gauging point, Hidrotehnica, 24 (1979) no. 7, 157-160 (in Romanian).


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