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More details, including illustrations, on the website on the Institute history, in Romanian (please use the browser translator).

In the late fifties and then in the sixties, at the Institute has made out of scratch three computers, with outstanding characteristics at that time:

  • MARICA (made in 1959) – an experimental relay digital computer;
  • DACICC-1 (made between 1959-1963) – an electronic computer. It was the 11th computer in the world containing transistors (and the first in Romania containing transistors and with internal memory from ferrites, RAM, and with mathematical library); (see the paper M. Drăgănescu, Realizarea de calculatoare şi reţele de calculatoare în România (1953–1985), Academica, 2001, nov.-dec.);
  • DACICC-200 (made between 1963-1968) – an electronic computer, with the best characteristics in Romania before the seventies. It was the first Romanian computer with an operating system.

Apart of the computers, the Institute obtained in that period

  • patents (e.g., for the construction of integrated circuits)
  • contracts with other leaders in Romania in electronic circuits (IPRS Băneasa, IFA Bucureşti)
  • ionic implanted chips (see here original documents)

At present, the Institute has an important Cooperation Agreement (TTB/Z1015.05.04) with Forschungszentrum Jülich (2004-2012, 2012-2017). This cooperation allows ICTP to access the supercomputers of Forschungszentrum Jülich, and to realize important numerical applications.

Members having experience on running supercomputer applications: