On the Chebyshev-tau approximation for some singularly perturbed two point boundary value problems – Numerical experiments


In this paper we are concerned with numerical stability of Chebyshev-tau method in solving some singularly perturbed two-point boundary value problems.

We consider linear as well as nonlinear (convection-dominated flow) problems. In order to avoid the lack of numerical stability of this method we try a smoothing technique as well as a domain decomposition for linear problems.

Some successful numerical experiments are carried out.


C.I. Gheorghiu
Tiberiu Popoviciu Institute of Numerical Analysis
S.I. Pop
Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Mathematics


Chebyshev-tau; stability; two-point boundary value problem; singularly perturbed; steady state Burger; smoothing;


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C. I. Gheorghiu, S.I. Pop, On the Chebyshev-tau approximation for some singularly perturbed two point boundary value problems – Numerical experiments, Rev. Anal. Numér. Théor. Approx. 24 (1995) 117-124.


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