Solvability of p,q-Laplacian systems with potential boundary conditions


Existence results to boundary value problems for non-potential pq-Laplacian systems with potential boundary conditions are established. The approach relies on Schaefer fixed point theorem, combined with a technique involving matrices convergent to zero.


Petru Jebelean
Department of Mathematics, West University of Timişoara, Timişoara, Romania

Radu Precup
Department of Mathematics Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


p-Laplacian; subdifferential;  uniform non-resonance; Sxhaefer fixed point theorem;  matrix convergent to zero.

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P. Jebelean, R. Precup, Solvability of p,q-Laplacian systems with potential boundary conditions, Appl. Anal. 89 (2010), 221-228,



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