Institute annual report 1988

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Human resources

Institute Head: Prof. Dr. Arpad Pal (link not working yet)


Prizes, outstanding achievements

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Papers published in 1988

Note: papers appear here either because the author was hired here (the approximate years were reconstituted by Prof. Dr. Ion Păvăloiu).

  • M.-C. Anisiu, Fixed points of retractible mappings with respect to the metric projection, Seminar on Mathematical Analysis (Cluj-Napoca, 1987-1988), 87-96, Preprint, 88-7, Univ. Babeş-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca, 1988 (pdf file here)
  • M.-C. Anisiu, A surjectivity theorem for Lipschitz mappings, Seminar on Fixed Point Theory, 9-16, Preprint, 88-3, Univ. Babeş-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, 1988
  • D. Brădeanu, Finding variational functionals by the Galerkin procedure. Applications to the heat transfer, Seminar on Mechanics, 35–50, Preprint, 88-1, Univ. “Babeş-Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca, 1988.
  • D. Brădeanu, Some considerations on the application of the Galerkin method to unidimensional diffusion-convection problems, Seminar on Mechanics, 23–34, Preprint, 88-1, Univ. “Babeş-Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca, 1988.
  • D. Brădeanu, St. Maksay, A Galerkin approximation solution for heat transfer in thin bars, Seminar on Mechanics, 7–22, Preprint, 88-1,Univ. “Babeş-Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca, 1988 (in Russian).
  • Diaconu, Sur quelques procédés itératifs de type Aitken-Steffensen, “Babeş-Bolyai” University, Faculty of Mathematics, Research Seminars, Seminar on Mathematical Analysis Preprint Nr. 7, (1988), 131-150.
  • C.I. Gheorghiu, FEM and/or BEM for numerical simulation of Marangoni flow, Eng. Anal. Bound. Elem., (1988) 195-197 (former Eng. Anal.)
  • C. Mustăţa, M-ideals in metric spaces, ”Babeş-Bolyai” University, Faculty of Math. and Physics, Research Seminars, Seminar on Mathematica Analysis, Preprint Nr.7 (1988), 67-74.
  • P.T. Mocanu, D. Ripeanu, I. Şerb, On an inequality concerning the order of starlikeness of the Libera transform of starlike functions of order α, Seminar on Mathematical Analysis (Cluj-Napoca, 1987–1988), 29–32, Preprint, 88-7, Univ. “Babeş-Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca, 1988.
  • A.B. Németh, The Dini theorem and normal cones in Banach spaces. Seminar on Mathematical Analysis (Cluj-Napoca, 1987–1988), 113–124, Preprint, 88-7, Univ. “Babeş-Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca, 1988. (Reviewer: George Isac)46B15 (46A40)
  • I. Păvăloiu, Délimitation des erreur dans la résolution numérique des systèmes d’equations, Seminar on mathematical analysis, Preprint no. 7 (1988), pp. 167-178 (in French).
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