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In this paper we approach two aspects concerning the optimality problems arising from the consideration of the iterative methods for approximating the solutions of equations by inverse interpolation.

The first aspect concerns the construction of some algorithms having optimal convergence orders, while the second addresses the optimal complexity of calculus concerning the inverse interpolation iterative methods.


Ion Păvăloiu
Tiberiu Popoviciu Institute of Numerical Analysis


nonlinear equations in \(\mathbb{R}\); inverse interpolation; convergence order; efficiency index; optimal iterative methods


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I. Păvăloiu, Optimal algorithms concerning the solving of equations by interpolation, Research on Theory of Allure, Approximation, Convexity and Optimization, Ed. Srima, Cluj-Napoca (1999), pp. 222-248, ISBN 973-98551-4-3.

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Research on Theory of Allure, Approximation, Convexity and Optimization

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