Best approximation in spaces with asymmetric norm


In this paper we shall present some results on spaces with asymmetric seminorms, with emphasis on best approximation problems in such spaces.


Stefan Cobzas
Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Costică Mustăţa
“Tiberiu Popoviciu” Institute of Numerical Analysis, Romanian Academy,  Romania


Spaces with asymmetric norm; best approximation; Hahn-Banach theorem; characterization of best approximation.

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S. Cobzas, C. Mustăţa, Best approximation in spaces with asymmetric norm, Rev. Anal. Numer. Theor. Approx. 35 (2006) no. 1, 17-31.


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Revue d’Analyse Numer. Theor. Approx.

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Publishing House of the Romanian Academy

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