NANMAT Workshop for young PhD students November 2023


Emil Cătinaș (ICTP) and Radu Precup (ICTP and UBB) are organizing the workshop

Numerical Analysis, Numerical Modelling, Approximation Theory for young PhD students (NANMAT-WYPhDS-2023)
during November 25-26, 2023 at “Vis Alpin” guest house (Belis).

The workshop is organized for young PhD students, with training courses and results from Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modelling, and Approximation Theory.

The courses will be presented by N. Suciu (online presentation), O. Agratini, M. Crăciun.

The participation fee is: lei 700, in order to cover different expenses connected to this event.


15:00 N. Suciu, Stochastic simulations of diffusion processes

16:00 O. Agratini, The mysterious wavelets world

17:00 M. Crăciun, Introduction to time series analysis

18:00 R. Precup and E. Cătinaș (moderators) – discussions on PhD students thesis


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