Symmetric positive solutions to a singular φ-Laplace equation


The localization of positive symmetric solutions to the Dirichlet problem for second-order ordinary differential equations involving a singular φ-Laplacian is established in a conical annular set, via Ekeland’s variational principle, compression type conditions, and a Harnack type inequality. An application to a one-parameter problem is provided and multiple such solutions are obtained in the case of oscillatory nonlinearities.


Petru Jebelean
Department of Mathematics, West University of Timişoara, Timişoara, Romania

Radu Precup
Department of Mathematics, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania



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P. Jebelean, R. Precup, Symmetric positive solutions to a singular φ-Laplace equation, J. London Math. Soc.  99 (2019), 495-515,



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London Mathematical Society

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