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Prof. dr., dr. H.C. Dimitrie D. Stancu, membru de onoare al Academiei Române.

Membru de onoare al Academiei Române, profesor doctor docent, doctor Honoris Causa Dimitrie D. Stancu (Didi, pentru colegii apropiati).

Outstanding member of the Institute (between 1957-1961). Honorary member after 1961. Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute (1990?-2014?).

Membru magistru al Institutului.

He is also considered a magister professor that have honored the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, “Babeş-Bolyai” University; he taught here between 1951-1997.

Honorary member of the Romanian Academy, Doctor Honoris Causa at North University Baia Mare and „Lucian Blaga” University, Sibiu.

He obtained important results in Approximation Theory, some operators being called after his name.

He is the most prominent disciple of acad. Tiberiu Popoviciu, and a most distinguished member of Cluj-Napoca Team on Numerical Analysis and Approximation Theory.

He had 46 PhD students, as illustrated in the above link and on the Mathematics Genealogy Project (incomplete).

As a professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Babes-Bolyai University) he was a promoter not only of the Numerical Analysis, but also of Computer Science, teaching some of the first courses in the field (see here soon some works).

He had an important contribution in the development of Numerical Analysis and of IT industry in Cluj-Napoca, in Romania, and not only.

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