Institute annual report 2021

(updated: January 5, 2024; June 28, 2023, December 3, 2022, with Peer reviews)

Human resources

The Numerical Analysis and Approximation Theory workgroup:

The Numerical Modeling workgroup:

PhD students/postdocs

PhD students:

  • Cristian-Daniel Alecsa, Optimization. A dynamical systems approach, at UT Cluj (till February 2021)
  • Imre Boros, Numerical methods for partial differential equations, at UBB Cluj
  • Andrei Stan, Nash type equilibria for systems of nonlinear equations, at UBB Cluj


PhD advisors

Prof. Dr. Radu Precup, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, supervises PhD theses at Babeş-Bolyai University.
PhD students (2021):

  • Andrei StanNash type equilibria for systems of nonlinear equations
  • Alexandru Hofman, Control problems for systems of Kolmogorov type
  • David Brumar, The analysis of some mathematical models in fluid dynamics.

Prof. dr. Octavian Agratini, supervises PhD theses at Babeş-Bolyai University.
theses supervised 2021:

  • Grapini O. Silviu-Ilie,
  • Balogh M. Anamaria,
  • Bunea-Domșa S. Mihai Grigore,
  • Boros ImreNumerical methods for partial differential equations.

Dr. rer. nat. habil. Nicolae Suciu supervises PhD theses.
He has recently supervised the thesis Filtered density functions for uncertainty assessment of transport in groundwater, by Lennart Schüler, defended on September 8, 2016, at Jena University, Germany; the thesis received the distinction Magna Cum Laudae.

Prof. dr. Ion Păvăloiu, honorary member, has supervised -in the past- 8 PhD theses at North University of Baia-Mare and at Babeş-Bolyai University.

Complete information on PhD coordination may be found on the webpage.

Publications of the Institute members


Volumes edited

Papers published in JCR/ISI indexed journals:

Papers in JCR journals from abroad

Papers in JCR journals from Romania

Chapters in books

Papers published in other journals

Preprints in Arxiv

Papers accepted

  • I. Păvăloiu, E. Cătinaş, A new optimal method of order four of Hermite-Steffensen type, Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics, to appear in 2022.

Papers submitted

Prizes, outstanding achievements

  • N. Suciu, the “Spiru Haret” prize of the Romanian Academy, for the monograph Diffusion in Random Fields. Application to Transport in Groundwater, Springer/Birkhauser, 2019.
  • E. Cătinaş, CNCSIS prize for a paper published in the journal ranked first in “Applied Mathematics”: How many steps still left to x*?, SIAM Rev. 63 (2021) no. 3, pp. 585–624 (Impact Factor 2020: 10.7, SRI: 9.8) (code PRECISI-2021-55599)

CNCSIS prizes for papers published in the “red zone” journals (based on journals impact factor or influence score):

  1. N. Suciu, code PRECISI-2021-62584.
  2. R. Precup, code PRECISI-2021-66832
  3. R. Precup, code PRECISI-2021-62454
  4. D. Otrocol, code PRECISI-2021-89830

CNCSIS prizes for papers published in the “yellow zone” journals:

  1. R. Precup, code PRECISI-2021-64695
  2. O. Agratini, code PRECISI-2021-58968
  3. O. Agratini, code PRECISI-2021-58986
  4. O. Agratini, code PRECISI-2021-55727
  5. O. Agratini, code PRECISI-2021-67188
  6. C.I. Gheorghiu, code PRECISI-2021- 63782
  7. C.I. Gheorghiu, code PRECISI-2021- 63786
  8. C.D. Alecsa, code PRECISI-2021- 58531
  9. C.D. Alecsa, code PRECISI-2021-55746
  10. D. Otrocol, code PRECISI-2021-91847
  11. D. Otrocol, code PRECISI-2021-90784

Prof. Dr. R. Precup has H-index 14:

Dr. rer. nat. habil. N. Suciu has H-index 13:

Prof. dr. O. Agratini has H-index 9:

Editorial activity

Conferences organized

Conferences attended by the members of the Institute

Conferences from abroad

Conferences from Romania

  • E. Cătinaş, Ordine de convergenţă, comparaţii asimptotice, metode iterative elementare, Conferinţa Cercetării Științifice din Academia Română (CCSAR-2021), 22-23 noiembrie 2021,
  • N. Suciu, Metode de tip “random walk” pentru transport reactiv în medii poroase – avantaje și limitări, Conferinţa Cercetării Științifice din Academia Română (CCSAR-2021), 22-23 noiembrie 2021,
  • M. Nechita, Probleme dominate de convecție: regularizarea asimilării datelor folosind elemente finite, Conferinţa Cercetării Științifice din Academia Română (CCSAR-2021), 22-23 noiembrie 2021,

The following talks have been given at the symposium 70 years from the foundation of the „Tiberiu Popoviciu” Institute of Numerical Analysis (October 28, 2021)

  • O. Agratini, On Landau-type approximation operators.
  • E. Cătinaş, How many steps still left to x*?
  • N. Suciu, F.A. Radu, Random walk methods for coupled flow and reactive transport in porous media.
  • C.-I. Gheorghiu, On the efficiency of Chebfun system in solving genuinely nonlinear BVPs.
  • D. Otrocol, Differential equations with maxima, via step by step contraction principle.
  • M. Crăciun, A. Pop, ESC method as a tool for differential diagnosis of variability phenomena: periodicity versus quasi-periodicity.
  • I. Boros, An overview of spectral collocation methods which are modified to work in arbitrary precision.
  • M. Nechita, Unique continuation problems and stabilised finite element methods.
  • E. Cătinaş, A. Stan, On the convergence orders.

Membership in professional organizations

  • E. Cătinaş, SIAM member
  • ??, (to be completed)


  • International grant SU 415/4-1 ( obtained by dr. rer. habil. N. Suciu from (Deutschefourschungs Gmemeindschaft), for the project “Integrated global random walk model for reactive transport in groundwater adapted to measurement spatio-temporal scales” (01.10.2018-30.09.2021), at Erlangen-Nuernberg University.

Peer review

Members of PhD supervising committees

  • R. Precup, for Florin Albișoru (supervisor: M. Kohr)
  • R. Precup, for Ioan Papuc (supervisor: M. Kohr)
  • R. Precup, for Andra Manu (supervisor: M. Kohr)
  • R. Precup, for Mădălina Moga (supervisor: A. Petrusel)
  • O. Agratini, for Fodor Valerian Alin (supervisor Pintea Cornel)
  • O. Agratini, for thesis Metode de aproximare a functiilor de mai multe variabile, by Malina Andra (supervisor T. Cătinaș)
  • O. Agratini, for Șuțu Mădălina (supervisor T. Cătinaș)

Referee reports for peer reviewed journals

  • O. Agratini, for: Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai Mathematica (3), Journal of Numerical Analysis and Approximation Theory (2), Constructive Mathematical Analysis (1), Mathematica Slovaca (2), Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics (1), Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization (1), Filomat (1), Mathematical Foundations of Computing (1), Hacettepe Journal of Mathematics & Statistics (1), Quaestiones Mathematicae (1)
  • C.I. Gheorghiu (to be completed)

Paper reviews

for Mathematical Reviews:

for ZBL:

(to be completed)